Automated CLS machines

About Us

Manufacturing Capability

Hammond Assembly Solutions operates a 23,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Orlando, Florida.

At Hammond Assembly Solutions we understand the reality of your business and we're prepared to respond to changing requirements in demand and design.

Our advanced manufacturing, planning and control systems use the latest technology in optimized production scheduling. MRP and shop floor controls are used to insure efficient, on time delivery matched to your demand cycle.

Streamlined efficiencies in local stocking, on-line inventory control and order processing put your Hammond projects as close as one shipping day away from your plant. All quoting, purchasing, manufacturing, testing and shipping departments are located in Orlando, providing the utmost in integrated teamwork and response time.

Ample staffing and two shifts translates to hundreds of man hours of productivity each day with additional capacity available on demand.

Our Quality Control Department enforces the stringent quality requirements our customers demand by using ISO procedures as well as procedures derived from military high reliability inspection techniques. Automotive procedures and techniques have also been incorporated where appropriate.

Our engineering staff generates drawings and documents processes using state-of-the-art CAD CAM systems.

A Material Advantage

Hammond Electronics is a leading distributor for more than 75 of the most respected suppliers. Our experience can offer you superior efficiencies in electronic component costing - an advantage that translates right down to your bottom line. Lower overhead cost derived from our automated facility enables you to enjoy further cost reductions.



Hammond Assembly Solutions has on staff a Registered Instructor certified in the IPC/WHMA-A-620 Cable/Wire Harness Acceptability Standard. Certifying an Instructor illustrates our commitment to providing guidance, support, and training to our workforce.


An ISO 9001:2000 Facility

FDA approved CSA certified UL listed

Quality Policy

It is our policy to ensure customer satisfaction by providing products and services that conform to all requirements.

Our commitment to Quality extends to all employees. As a team we are dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement in all facets of our business. Conformance is achieved throughout our Quality Process by prevention rather than inspection.

It is this total commitment to excellence that makes Hammond Electronics the Quality Leader in electronics distribution.

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